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In response to COVID-19 and following CDC recommendations, Santosha Yoga's physical studio will be closed until further notice.

To support you in your continued yoga practice during these uncertain times, we've put together a schedule of LIVE ONLINE classes with Santosha teachers you know and love.


We are offering these classes for FREE because we know a lot of you are going through hard financial times.

To "attend" a class, just click the button beside the specific class. It will take you to the ZOOM Meeting app. Please show up a few minutes early so you can manage any tech issues before class starts.


If you would like to make a donation to help Santosha re-open its doors after the closure, you can go to bit.ly/donationforonlineclass or click the DONATE button on this page. (The default is $5. If you have the ability to give more you can type in the "quantity" field to increase your donation by increments of $5.)

LIVE Online Class Schedule

Classes are ALL LEVELS Vinyasa style unless otherwise noted.



9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

Morning Yoga with Robin Vada

Lauren Mauery.jpg

12:00pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Noon Yoga with Lauren Mauery


5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Evening Yoga with Phern Wright


Katy Nadal.jpg

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

Morning Yoga with Katy Nadal


12:00pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

YIN Yoga with Marisa Dunn


5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Evening Yoga with Kari Parkinson


Robby Swinnen.jpg

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

Morning Yoga with Robby Swinnen


12:00pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Noon Yoga with Betsy Brimhall

Jodi Bean.jpg

5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

PRENATAL Yoga with Jodi Bean


Janci Butler.jpeg

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

GENTLE Yoga with Janci Vandenberg


12:00pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

YIN Yoga with Claire Gilchrist

Noemi Rossler.jpg

5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC) 

Evening Yoga with Noemi Rossler


Rebecca Duarte.jpg

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

Morning Yoga with Rebecca Duarte

Mo Oishi.jpeg

12:00pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Noon Yoga with Mo Oishi

Christine Hyatt.jpg

5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Evening Yoga with Christine Hyatt


Dina Lang.png

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)


DHARMA Yoga with dina Lang

Sara Poitras.png

5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

Evening Yoga with Sara Poitras


Alex Prince.jpeg

9:00am (U.S. PACIFIC)

Morning Yoga with Alex Prince

gaye - fb.jpg

5:30pm (U.S. PACIFIC)

POWER Yoga with Gaye Reed


Rescheduled for May 2  

Yoga Tune Up for Seniors 

In this workshop, you will learn self-massage and gentle movement techniques to:

  • Release tension in your feet, knees and hips

  • Soothe stressed muscles in your hands, arms and shoulders

  • Liberate muscles used for breathing

  • Tap into the ability to down-regulate your nervous system using soft therapy balls.

Learn optimal breathing for your nervous system with sedating exercises from yoga, meditation and self-massage. 


*This class is accessible for students using chairs.*

$25 if registered by April 24 ($30 thereafter). 

Yoga For Every Body

We believe that yoga has the power to transform lives, and our goal is to make this transformative practice available to people of all ages and abilities. 

Yoga is an ancient scientific system designed to empower health, happiness and a greater sense of self. The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ and refers to the oneness of mind, body and spirit.


Yoga is not a religion, it is a practice. It supports and enhances all cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.


All classes at Santosha Yoga reflect this philosophy, where everyone is welcome to find peace and contentment just as they are.


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