Meet The Teachers

Alex Prince.jpeg

Alex Prince

Teaching Style: 

Playful, Powerful, Soothing

Yoga has infiltrated all aspects of my life bringing me peace I never thought was possible and a deeper sense of appreciation for all life’s gifts. 

As a teacher I am dedicated to helping students of all skill levels and backgrounds cultivate mind-body awareness. I enjoy being a part of their journey and helping them achieve their goals. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone and enjoy putting together classes that allow me to meet students where they are in their journey.

Amy Harris.jpg

Amy Harris

Teaching Style: 

Experienced, Kind-Hearted, Educated

Teaching since 1999, Amy enjoys yoga for its ability to help improve posture, balance, health, peace of mind, patience, strength, and athletic ability. She is particularly interested in the therapeutic benefits of yoga after witnessing the improved mobility and level of physical comfort yoga has provided her and her students.  Amy’s intention is to cultivate a yoga experience that is enjoyable and respects individuality. She teaches vinyasa, yin, power, and restorative yoga.


Betsy Brimhall

Teaching Style: 

Playful, Accepting, Powerful

Through study and practice, I came to a strong belief in the therapeutic benefits of a regular yoga practice.  I love how a daily practice quiets my mind, provides a great workout, and gives me a full body massage, all while inviting me to a more reflective and balanced way of being.

I teach power vinyasa, gentle yoga, senior chair yoga, children’s classes, and am certified in Yoga Tune-up.  When not involved with Yoga, I enjoy exploring the many urban hikes Portland has to offer, reading, and spending time with my family. 

Christine Hyatt.jpg

Christine Hyatt

Teaching Style: 

Encouraging, Steady, Compassionate

I believe this ancient practice can be a balm to many challenges we experience today, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is an honor to share these teachings with others as they cultivate the riches in their own journey. My classes incorporate challenging, yet accessible, posture flows that build slowly and steadily toward openness, strength and balance.


Dina Lang,

Studio Owner

Teaching Style: 

Soulful, Non-Judging, Compassionate, Strong

Since opening Santosha Yoga in 2010 I have focused my energy creating programs for Every Body in formats suitable to all levels of experience and ability.  

As a certified Dharma Yoga teacher, it is my privilege to channel Sri Dharma Mittra's approach to asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy in all of my classes.

Helping students of all ages and abilities discover their strength on and off the mat is truly my privilege.

gaye - fb.jpg

Gaye Reed

Teaching Style: 

Powerful, Creative, Sattvic

Gaye's classes are a place where beginners and experienced practitioners alike are encouraged to explore their practice in a non-competitive, relaxed yet energetic environment.


She brings a calming aspect to her classes - a "lighter side" incorporating both humor and humility. Gaye loves to see her students discover and cultivate breath and body mindfulness and increased athleticism in their yoga and daily lives.

Janci Butler.jpeg

Janci Vandenberg

Teaching Style: 

Fun, Informative, Caring

Janci integrates many different styles into her yoga instruction, and considers herself a life-long student. Her varied experience and training allows Janci’s teaching to be comprehensive, intuitive, gentle and always fun. Her teaching emphasizes the link between the breath and the resulting movement of the body.

Jodi Bean.jpg

Jodi Bean

Teaching Style: 

Encouraging, Open, Accepting

Jodi is a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher, Postpartum Birth Recovery Professional and a Prenatal Group Fitness Instructor.

​Jodi is trained and has experience teaching Beginner’s Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa, Prenatal Yoga, and Postpartum Yoga {Mama+Baby Yoga} and Mamalates for birth & core recovery.

Jodi’s style is open and friendly and her philosophy is “just make it to your mat, the rest will take care of itself.” 

Katy Nadal.jpg

Katy Nadal

Teaching Style: 

Thougtful, Caring, Wise

Having practiced for many years, yoga became a significant part of Katy's rehabilitation from a complete shoulder replacement in March of 2013. Again in Dec. 2018, she again turned to yoga to help her heal from a knee replacement.  Katy shares her deep knowledge and love for yoga in every class she teaches. She has completed Level II Reiki training, Yin Training, as well as a 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Yandara Institute in Mexico and Trauma Informed training with Living Yoga.

Lauren Mauery.jpg

Lauren Mauery

Teaching Style: 

Grounded, Expansive, Curious

I’ve always loved to move my body, but yoga leaves me feeling different than any other fitness technique – longer, stronger, more relaxed. 

I believe that yoga is broad and powerful enough for everyone to find a useful practice for their body and mind. My classes offer a well-rounded practice, including seated and standing poses, guided meditation, and deep relaxation. Breathe, move, and smile as you get to know yourself and your body better and embrace your true capacity for growth!


Liana Cohen

Teaching Style:  Patient, Dedicated, Caring

I first fell in love with the asana side of yoga. Having never been an “athlete,” I enjoyed surprising myself with what I could do and found that there really is power in my body! As I delved deeper into the spiritual practice, I discovered the healing effects yoga has on the mind.


I believe we are all capable of any pose with practice, and feel privileged to show people what they can do when they give themselves permission. 


Marisa Dunn

Teaching Style:  

Friendly, Strong, Dedicated

Upon completion of her 200 Hour Teacher Training, Marisa joined the Living Yoga community and completed their Trauma Informed Yoga Training Program.  In Jan of 2019, Marisa started studying the practice of Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga which was when she realized it was time for her share this practice with others. Yin and Nidra have become a part of her daily life.  She found her breathe - and with that came a sense of quiet/stillness in the mind and in the body.  The sensations of contentment and ease that she had been seeking all along, she had found within herself, and she reminds herself of that every day.  Awareness of the breath and body sensations with acceptance - that is the work - and to share that with others is the gift.    

Megan Patten.png

Megan Patten

Teaching Style: 

Inviting, Purposeful, Kind

Megan believes that teaching yoga is a sacred opportunity to help others find the healing they need.  She feels honored to be able to help guide students on their own paths of self-discovery.  She finds the most rewarding part of teaching yoga is witnessing the transformations that occur in her students.  Megan looks forward to sharing what she has learned with you as you meet yourself on this life-changing yoga journey.  

Mo Oishi.jpeg

Mo Oishi

Teaching Style: 

Thoughtful, Centered, Strong

Becoming a yoga teacher has sparked a deeper interest in the journey inwards, how our psychology affects our physiology and vice versa. It is still amazing to me that we can change our physiology with just our breath, change how our genes function with our thoughts, how powerful is that???

I believe we are all individuals, all with unique histories that bring us to today. We should not forget that in our practices, and try to force postures that just aren't who we are. I like to be thoughtful about alignment, building a strong base, and challenging what is weak to make it stronger. 

Nellie Bryant.jpg

Nellie Bryant

Teaching Style: 

Kind, Joyful, Imaginative

I am a Certified Imagination Yoga Instructor and an Elementary School Teacher in the Beaverton School District.


Teaching has always been a passion of mine and my love for kids has always been a part of my life. I am honored to be able to provide all children with a safe space to creatively move and be active. Teaching Imagination Yoga allows me to bring mindfulness, calm, concentration, and kindness into the lives of children both on and off the mat.

NIna Pitzel.jpg

Nina Pitzel

Teaching Style:  Innovative, Knowledgeable, Accepting

Santosha's specialist in "Healing Issues with our Tissues!"

Nina’s focus is the use of physical movement to access and relieve points of tension, evening out the breath to provide strength and balance.

Nina believes in grounding and acceptance; knowing that it isn’t about touching your toes, but what you learn about yourself on the way down. Her classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to explore their mental and physical boundaries. 

Noemi Rossler.jpg

Noemi Rossler

Teaching Style: 

Progressive, Inclusive, Experiential

Noemi loves to share from her own experiences and exploration on the mat.  Her masterful creation of yoga sequences to delve deeply into particular areas of the body make her classes a true joy.  Besides offering weekly classes to the Santosha Community, she has also developed a 4 part series for the Absolute Beginner called YOGA FUN-DAMENTALS.  Look for this series, offered quarterly, as a way to deepen your existing yoga practice or start one from scratch.  


Phern Wright

Teaching Style: 

Relaxed, Creative, Fun

Through yoga, Phern transformed both her physical and metal state to a place she had never been before. This experience was so life changing, it was clear after only a few months of practice she wanted to be a yoga teacher. 


While helping others gain physical strength and improve their mental health, Phern most importantly wants her students to have fun.  Phern's classes focus on creating a Sattvic tone to relax your body and mind. A strong savasana (final resting pose) is an important part of each class often with guided meditation. 

Rebecca Duarte.jpg

Rebecca Duarte

Teaching Style: 

Welcoming, Meditative, Empowering 

As a teacher, I have a deep respect for the fact that every student's life and yoga practice is unique and I will always strive to create classes that allow each student's yoga journey to unfold in the way that best serves them. I also teach yoga classes in Spanish  because I am passionate about doing what I can to bring the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible and to celebrate the multicultural community I feel so fortunate to live in. 

Richar Chew.jpg

Richard Chew

Teaching Style: A Blend of East Meets West, Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi in the Modern Context

A certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor since 1999, Richard has taught various aerobic, strength, flexibility and Tai Chi / Chi Gong classes in the Washington DC area.  After retiring from the US Naval Research Laboratory in May 2017, and moving to Portland, he is teaching fitness classes at Elsie Stuhr Center and Tai Chi/ Chi Gong classes at Santosha Yoga.

Practiced at a slow and even speed, Tai Chi promotes relaxation, straight posture, balance, and increased awareness of the self. 

Robby Swinnen.jpg

Robby Swinnen

Teaching Style: 

Guiding, Sattvic, Soulful

As a yoga teacher I enjoy opening up possibilities for new and more experienced yogis to discover what of the asanas, pranayama and spiritual elements speak to them. The practices are tailored to the individual and their needs at this moment, on the mat and beyond. ​It is my joy and privilege to share my teachings and to continuously learn along the way. Life is a journey and I strive to live in the present moment. I invite you to come and practice with us and let yoga bring deeper awareness and inner peace. “Let’s do what must be done – Yoga”

Sara Poitras.png

Sara Poitras

Teaching Style: 

Peaceful, Compassionate, Graceful

Sara teaches all ages and levels with a kind and passionate spirit. She also extends her practice, yoga teachings, and heart to the Native elders in the community and on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation during the summer.


Sara's classes emphasize deep breathing and the art of simply letting go. "Close your eyes, breathe, and begin to move."
Sara is known at Santosha for her 'longer than average' hugs.
Fact: The simple act of hugging is such an incredible way to not only bond with others but also boost your physical and emotional health. Hugging increases levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is beneficial for stress levels, heart health, and more. The giver of a hug receives just as much benefit as the receiver :)

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